Things to consider when creating video for Instagram

I didn't realise how much effort can go into a Instagram video.


These videos only last a maximum of 15 seconds amongst an endless stream of visual content that viewers swipe through rarely to be seen again. Is it worth the effort?


Hell yes...I have been inspired by video on Instagram recently mainly because there is a lot more to it than I originally thought.


Two ways to upload video are to shoot the video through Instagram on your device and post or import a video to your device then post. When uploading your video onto your device you have to remember that you have a maximum of 15 seconds and you now have the ability to work within an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5. That's the basics, but where you can get creative is working with the framework of this medium.  


Videos in Instagram automatically loop. This means that you can afford to be super quick in the edit and what someone might not see the first time may well reveal itself on the second or third round. Krispyshorts does this so well. You will be surprised by how much content will fit in this time.


Think about the big picture (your profile). Adrian Lander (stills photographer/ Film By Alf)  introduced me to the Land Rover USA profile "BrotherhoodOfWonderstone" which I think is absolutely next level. This is how you can really be creative within the Instagram requirements. A profile predominantly made up of stills to create the bigger picture while also adding in useful tips videos along the way. So clever. 

Also look at Adrian's work for Hawker Hall where they employ stop motion time-lapse, clever loops and other eye catching videos.

What are some great videos on Instagram that you've seen?


Check out some of my instagram videos at (oooofrankie


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